We offer a full suite of all the operational and administrative needs of a SMSF.

Our service offering includes the following:

Trust Deed service

  • For new funds a complying deed is sourced from our preferred legal supplier
  • For existing funds, the Trustees must determine whether the existing deed is complying or not. We can arrange for a review service to be provided by their preferred legal supplier to assist with this process

Fund establishment

  • Completing application to become a regulated Fund
  • Completing ABN and TFN applications
  • Completing establishment minutes and member application documentation
  • Organising the rollover of any amounts into the Fund


  • Arranging actuarial calculations as required
  • Preparing and lodging statutory annual returns
  • Lodging all statutory reporting forms
  • Preparing annual statutory financial accounts and Members’ statements
  • Preparing all minutes for the Trustees to sign
  • Preparing working papers and liaising with the auditor of the Fund in regards to the audit

Fund reporting, trustee obligations and administration

  • Regular Fund reporting to the Members, Trustees and any financial advisers including reporting on investment valuations and movements
  • Advising Trustees of their upcoming obligations
  • Advising the Trustees of movements of assets outside of the investment strategy
  • Maintaining of records for each member including balances, contributions, allocation of contributions and drawdowns to the correct components
  • Monitoring of non-standard assets and advising on the need for revaluation
  • Retaining records in digital format for the mandatory 10-year period

Taxation and audit

  • Determining taxation payments for the Fund and the members
  • Preparing contribution reporting
  • Arranging for preparation and lodgment of the Fund’s annual Taxation Return
  • Preparing and lodging of GST, BAS and IAS Returns as applicable
  • Preparing all Rollover documentation for the appropriate regulator
  • Preparing comprehensive work papers at year end to simplify the audit process

Technical strategy assistance

  • Preparing advice relating to the technical structuring of Funds whether in accumulation or pension mode
  • Calculating and implementing of pensions, multiple pensions, multiple account types and components
  • Dealing with specific issues as a result of a death or divorce
  • Providing assistance with understanding how to apply the law to personal situations

‘Fix-it’ service

  • Taking on non-complying funds and fixing them, if possible
  • Bringing messy Funds that are missing substantial documentation up to date